Frost Construction Services

For the past 25 plus years Frost Constructions have provided an unparalleled service to a vast scope of applications, from domestic individual requirements, small medium business, commercial, remote farming and mining.

Project Management

Projects are generally outlined by scheduled plans with the various guides of progression overlap. There is a need to stringently oversee time lines versus progression for all the various entities involved. It is of utmost importance to identify complexities, perceive the various things that can go wrong, some are clear but there is always some that are hidden. Project management requires defined understanding, it is essential to have underpinning understanding coupled with years of industry experience.

Earth Moving

Our Earth Moving Equipment is operated by experienced personnel, GPS guided via laser triangulation, it has the capacity to remove vegetation, level, grade and compact areas as required. With access to company owned and operated truck and tippers we have to capacity to remove any waste and debris from the site as required leaving a clean area for works to commence. With over 25 years of experience, we understand and accept initiative to the the various jobs at hand and competently complete these

Concrete Works

Frost Constructions can concrete a vast amount of applications be that free hand to engineering drawings covering large areas. Frost Constructions can organise concrete pumping and shutter works, will install, set and align forms, level with trowel machines both ride on and walk behind depending on access to the various areas. Frost Construction has successfully completed civil works including storm water management, trenching for services, complete roadways including preparation and compaction with bitumen kerbing walkways and tram crossings, pad preparation for buildings

Building Works

Over the years, Frost Constructions have completed many building works from small to medium sheds gymnasiums to single and double office blocks and adjoining office extensions. Some of our work includes remodelling existing office space to the removing erecting internal walls and door frames, co- ordinating gas, electricity and data runs as required. Our finished product is inspected clean and ready to occupy with a similar standard as I would expect it if the job was performed for me. I strongly believe in meeting and exceeding all expectations.