Earthmoving - Construction - Project Management

Frost Constructions

“There are no secrets… understand the concept, visualise the plan… results speak for themselves!”

– Gavin Frost

Our construction = your plan

We will move the earth for you!

At Frost Constructions no job is too big or small, in addition our equipment employs GPS and laser guided computerised interface, coupled with unparalleled industry experience, this removes any the question of accuracy resulting in an accurate, stringent and time managed outcome.

Experience is understanding!

Frost Constructions pride themselves in understanding the job at hand, in most cases we have performed a similar task and can give sound advise on the various concepts and projects share our experience with your ideas of the job or project.

earthmoving excavation

There are a variety of processes, techniques and machinery types to move soil, rock, earth and other material to ensure the area is prepared and ready for construction. Triangulated laser guided equipment is a must and assures acuity from blueprint plans.